Top 11 Things to Do as Soon as You’re Engaged!

Congratulations on your engagement! You might be thinking to yourself, what now? Don’t worry girl, we got you. Here are 11 things to do right after your engagement in order to kickstart your wedding planning process (from taking a ring selfie to setting a wedding budget, we got it all covered!)

1. Capture the Moment

Take this time to fully absorb the moment! Whether that’s with a slew of selfies, or a private moment with your sweetie. Do what you need to do to make this day unforgettable.

Jims Formal Wear.jpg

WWJ TIP: We suggest planning an intimate engagement party dinner with your closest friends and family to fully memorialize the moment.

2. Tell Your Loved Ones

This exciting news is best told in person, so jump into your car and share the update if you have family or best friends living nearby. If not, give them a ring (or better yet face time!) to let them know. Can’t decide on who to tell?

WWJ TIP: We suggest beginning with your parents, siblings, and grandparents. Next up are those best friends who’d be dying to know the news. Once you’ve filled them all in, it’s time for your social media post!

3. Share on Social Media

Yup, that right. It’s ring selfie time! Go ahead and share your news with joyful abandon. Then sit back and bask in the excited comments of your extended friends and family.

WWJ TIP: We recommend sharing two to three pictures of the happy day on your Instagram and Snapchat (and Facebook for those extended family members).

4. Get Your Ring Ensured and Resized

To some, getting a ring ensured might seem unnecessary, but trust us - it isn’t! Think of the peace of mind you’ll have in knowing you’ll receive some compensation in case your ring is lost or stolen. Yeah, we don’t want to imagine that either. Also, just in case your honey didn’t get your ring size quite right - this would be the perfect moment to get it just right.

5. Pick Your Wedding Date Range

Before you go ahead and pick a a hyper specific date, pause and consider the time and work that goes into planning a wedding. There are other major decisions that need to be made that could have an impact on your date, such as booking your venue. Give yourself ample time - we recommend anywhere between 12 to 15 months. Next think about what season you’d prefer, and avoid any conflicting family events and major holidays.

6. Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can quickly become overwhelming for two folks who’ve never planned a big event before. Hiring a professional wedding planner will help with relieving the pressure and stress! A full-time wedding planner will be there for you and can plan everything for you from the engagement party to the honeymoon. If a full-time wedding planner isn’t someone you can budget for, don’t worry! There are also part-time consultants or coordinators who can help you draw out a plan of actions - such as, the budget, schedule, and recommendations for vendors.

7. Pick Your Bridal Party


Will you be one of those brides who invites her entire sorority to join her bridal party, or would you be happy with your sisters are your only bridesmaids? It’s time to decide and make those calls! You and your honey need to decide how many groomsmen and bridesmaids you’ll each have. Who will you ask to be your maid-of-honor and best man? The clock is ticking!

8. Decide Your Budget

Here’s the part no one likes to talk about: Numbers. Before you call any vendors, pick a venue, or purchase a wedding dress - you need to have a budget (for pretty much everything in your wedding). Talk to your honey about how much you can comfortably budget, and then turn your parents about how much they feel comfortable contributing. Begin setting aside savings in a separate account for your wedding related costs.

WWJ Tip: Before you pick your venue you need to decide how many people you plan to invite to your wedding. Less than 50? Between 200 - 300 people, or more? This number will have an effect on other wedding related costs - such as the catering, the venue, and rentals.

9. Pick Your Venue

Picking your venue is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your wedding. This will influence everything! But especially your budget, and guest list. Venues is pricey, and can go up or down in cost depending on the guest count. Important questions to consider are: Would you like a venue with in-house catering? A venue that provides rentals such as chairs and tables? Does your wedding venue need to have guest rooms on the property? Choose wisely! Once you’ve decided on a venue and book a date within your preferred date range you’re all set!

10. Schedule Vendor Consultation Appointments

You’re probably already following them on Instagram. That’s right, were talking about those can’t-live-without vendors that will take your wedding from bland to extraordinary. If there’s a local photographer, band, videographer, or florists that just need to have, now is the time to schedule a consultation. These folks are in demand, and are often booked a year in advanced! So prioritize who your can’t-live-without vendors are and get them on your calendar.

11. Schedule a Bridal Appointment

This is the fun part! And out personal favorite of course. Shopping for your wedding dress is one the most memorable experiences you’ll have during the lead up to your wedding. Prepare for your appointments by creating a Pinterest board and adding pictures of dresses that stand out to you. That’ll help out the bridal consultant in picking out options for you to try on!

WWJ Tip: Before scheduling a bridal appointments you need to know your budget for the dress, and your wedding date. Typical turn around time for a made-to-order dress could be anywhere from 4 to 5 months, so plan ahead!

P.S. Despite popular advice, it’s okay to purchase a wedding dress at the first boutique you visit! There’s really no need for back to back bridal appointments, except to stress you out even more than you already are.

Five Benefits to Attending a Wedding Expo

Wedding Expo Season is approaching! Call your girlfriends, put on your comfy shoes, and get ready for some serious savings and fun!

In case you’re new to the concept, wedding expos are a one-stop-shop for brides provided by wedding professionals. Present at these events are wedding cake bakeries, event caterers, D.J.’s, florists, and (everyone’s favorite) wedding boutiques! It’s important to build a great team of professionals who’ll help plan your big day, and a wedding expo is exactly where you’ll meet them. Here are five reasons to get your tickets!:

1. They’re a Time Saver.

Save yourself from the grief of browsing through multiple vendors websites late of night, and instead meet three to four highly-rated wedding vendors in the span of a couple hours (all while the sun is still out!). Planning your wedding can be THAT easy! Trust us, your dream team is out there and they want to meet you too.

We guarantee that by the end of the wedding expo you’ll have a pocketful of business cards, a schedule filled with consultation appointments, and a clearer vision of your wedding planning.

Joyful Tip: Bring pre-printed labels of your name and address to give to vendors during the inevitable

2. Meet Vendors in Person.


Eventually, during the wedding planning process, Pinterest will need to be retired for a more successful alternative: Good old-fashioned human-to-human interaction. Nothing beats the authenticity of having a great conversation about your goals and desires for your wedding with someone who does it for a living! You’ll know instantly if a vendor is worth working with after getting to know them, their brand, and their business.

Joyful Tip: Bring your wallet and a checkbook - no, we’re not kidding. Wedding expos are filled to the brim with exclusive deals, and sales so come prepared!

3. See Their Work in Person.

By attending a wedding expo, you’ll be able to shop confidently because of the access to vendors exceptional work. Everyone from florists, bakers, caterers, stationary designers, and dress boutiques provide a sampling of their products. You’ll get to be the judge of it all yourself and make informed decisions before scheduling any appointments, or making a purchase.

Joyful Tip: This is the perfect time to talk about any special customizations up front!

4. Save Money!

Want to know a wedding expo secret? Vendors offer incredible show-only deals all the time! Browse every vendor booth and check out their special offers, odds are they’ll be someone who’ll be too good to pass up!

Joyful Tip: If a vendor isn’t advertising a special show-only deal, be sure to ask! They’re wedding vendors after all, and they want your business.

5. Keep up with the Latest Trends!

Not every woman out there grows up dreaming about their wedding day, or has a Pinterest page bursting at the seams with “bridal inspo.” A wedding expo is the perfect place to take stock of what your local wedding industry has to offer. There’s no shortage of visual appeal here, so take comfort in knowing that by the end of the day you’ll know the difference between a French and an American bustle, and whether a a traditional wedding cake or a donut wall is the best desert for your wedding.

Joyful Tip: Keep an open mind and ask the wedding vendors for advice! It’s okay to come in to this without a clue of where to begin. That’s why wedding expos are so important! We’re here to help.

Ready to get started at a wedding expo near you?

Check out our event page!

Aly + Tyler

Set in the natural beauty of Kelley Farm, Aly stole the show in her one-of-a-kind Rebecca Ingram wedding dress. The detachable train and additional sparkling beading are just two of the few custom changes Aly made to make this dress uniquely hers. Tyler looked dapper in a simple button down, tie, and vest combination - and paired with denim jeans! This look is popular, and perfect for our more casual guys without taking away from the formality of a wedding. Aly’s perfectly cascading locks were the work of local hair salon, Love Your Hair Co. Take a peek at her dazzling hair band!

Congratulations Aly and Tyler, it was our pleasure to be a small part of your big day!


How did you two meet?

Aly: “We’ve always known each other through mutual friends, but never really talked. On September 26th, he was moving to Spokane, and I told him he was too cute to move, so we started face timing everyday. In January 2017 on my birthday, I flew to Spokane to move him back home!”


The Dream Team

Venue: The Kelly Farm

Dress and Menswear: Weddings With Joy

Photographer: wyaltaylor

Florals: Paisley Petals

Makeup: Cecemua

Hair: Love Your Hair Co.

Wedding Planner: Holcomb Weddings and Events

Winter Bride Inspiration

Feel that nip in the air? Winter is at our doorstep!

There’s something exceptionally special about a winter wedding. There are the holidays to look forward to, Christmas gifts to unwrap, and a new year to celebrate. Not to mention, there’s no shortage of cheer during this season. Is it just us, or is everyone generally in a better mood in December? We sure think so.

Below are two dresses we believe best captures the winter wedding aesthetic. Of course, sleeves come to mind, but they don’t have to be traditional. No ma’am, these are not your grandmother’s lace sleeves! This gorgeous Allure style keeps the heat turned on with it’s plunging off-the-shoulder neckline. Best of all? The back.

If you’re looking for a modern, yet vintage inspired winter wedding dress, this is your gal.

This stunning Casablanca style is the perfect pick for the bride who desires a timeless elegance. This style features a structured A-line satin skirt which is almost iridescent in its gorgeous luster. The gentle gathers and hidden pockets are other stand-out features of this skirt. Silvery beadwork swirls across the V-neckline bodice, up into spaghetti straps and across the low, wide scooped V-back shape of this gorgeous gown.

Meet our Newest Arrivals

At Weddings with Joy, we like to shake things up around here. Which is why we make an effort to provide our brides with fresh styles for every budget. Take a look at our newest arrivals and don’t hesitate to click that contact button to schedule your appointment today!