Our Royal Wedding Picks for Meghan Markle

We are hours away from the wedding of the century and we at Weddings with Joy are absolutely buzzing with excitement! Join us tomorrow as we celebrate the royal nuptials special day with scones and tea! We're dying to see what fabulous dress the future Duchess will wear. (We suspect she might go with a Ralph and Russo dress, the same designer as her engagement dress!) Below are our picks for the future Duchess! 


Michelle's Pick

This exclusive joyful collection wedding dress is a perfect pick for a Royal Wedding! It has all the drama necessary to make a statement (a projected 21 million viewers will be watching!) 

I don't know about you, but when I imagine a Royal Wedding dress, I imagine a long train. This exclusive design is affectionately nicknamed Big Mama, because it delivers on the train front. 

Meghan is a modern lady, so I hope she doesn't wear a white dress (not even an ivory dress! *Gasp*). This design is a beautiful champagne-y gold. Silver metallic threading weaves delicately throughout the skirt to create a dazzling Cinderella moment with each step. 

This dress has a sweetheart neckline with barely off the shoulder straps which would look fabulous on Meghan's decolletage. It's certainly not a dress for a shy bride, but it's conservative enough to be worn down the isle of St. George's Chapel. 

Bottom Line

I hope Meghan skips the veil! She's a modern 36 year old divorcée! It would be a phenomenal statement for Meghan to forgo the veil and wear a bangin' tiara instead! 


Courtney's Pick

One word: Lace. The British and lace go way, way...way back. It's so important to their fashion history that they have a Lace Guild! The Lace Guild was founded in 1976, following a resurgence in interest of the craft of lace that had existed in Britain since the sixteenth century! 

There's a huge chance that Meghan will choose to wear a lace dress due to tradition, and in honor of it's history and its significance in Britain. But, of course, Meghan is a modern American (for now!) woman who we hope will put her own personal stamp on the dress. 

This beautiful Maggie Sottero design has delicate capped sleeves which frame the sweetheart neckline. No long sleeves for this bride! It's Spring and the arms should be out and uncovered. Speaking of Spring, the cascading roses on this lace totally set the mood for a Mid-May wedding.

Last but not least, a bold and unexpected belt is the perfect accessory for a daring bride. It's the perfect mix of modern and tradition, glitz and elegance. Meghan strikes us a the kind of woman who'll give us something a little unexpected on the big day.

Bottom Line

What I want to see is a loooooong train! Meghan is everything the royal family is not, and I hope she embraces that. It would be amazing if her dress could reflect that. Please let it be something non-traditional! 



Ashley's Pick

This Maggie Sottero design is the perfect dress for Meghan! It's sexy, modern, elegant, and timeless. Before we knew Meghan was Prince Harry's girlfriend she was Meghan Markle, the Hollywood actress. 

Hollywood style is all about glamour, sparkle, and allure. This design has quite a plunging v-neckline, but has an illusion style net across the decolletage to keep everything in place. Beautiful roses build up from the shoulders and cascade down the long sleeves. 

It's a royal wedding, so she has to wear long sleeves! It's such a beautiful and timeless detail that touches on that important need for tradition. Yet, modern details like the chic fit-and-flare silhouette, illusion neckline, and daring plunge keep it from feeling boring and outdated.  

Bottom Line

Sexy AND traditional! It's possible to do both! Keep it bold, not boring with a daring neckline, or unexpected details like an illusion style bodice. 


That's all for now! Tune in to our Instagram tomorrow for our live reactions to the dress! 

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